Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kolkata: City of Joy

Truly!! It is the city of joy. We are happier than ever! Why? Finally we have been able to oust Taslima Nasrin from our sacred shores. The action have given Mr Narendra Modi the chance to utter that he is ready to give her shelter. We have been able to bring out the gentle and helping side of Mr Modi's character. Thanks to our politicians and their goons we have been able to see a riot like situation after so many years. After all if Gujarat is there how can West Bengal be far behind? It was only unfortunate, we have always been betrayed by luck, that there was no mortality! Otherwise we would have been the happiest of people in the world. But take heart! All is not lost before these incidents we have nailed down Rizwanur and have also killed 'a few' in Nandigram. So there is still hope. We can make our state a red one. As a well known king once said "Sab lal ho jayega!" (Everything will turn red).

It seems our politicians have planned all these just to surprise us after Diwali. This is their post Diwali offering. Thank you sirs/madams, we will remain grateful to you forever. Sarthok janmo amar jonmechi ei deshe/ Sarthk janam ma go tomay bhalobeshe. (My life has been a success thanks to my birth in this country and also because I have loved my country)



Blogger The Happy Juggler said...

Ohh!!! Great...I'm proud of my chana...darun sarcastic bhabe dhorecho puro ghotonata...

11:55 PM  

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